For Waking Me Up

Summer has come and passed

The innocent can never last

Seven years has gone so fast

Here comes the rain again

Falling from the stars

Drenched in my pain again

Becoming who we are

As my memory rests

But never forgets what I lost

Wake me up when September ends

I’m really not a type to grieve over something that i actually never had. As we all know, today we got a very shocking news about Jessica Jung that permanently stop her activities as a member of Girls’ Generation. It was started when a screencap of her Weibo account floating around in the social media, created pretty chaos moment for the fans. Trust me, being a fans of entertainer make you learn to never trust anything until the company confirm stuff. So, i was just read her Weibo status and reacted just like “Oh, no. Something happened.” then “Or it is not.”

Build a mindset of any possibilities and try to reassure myself that this was mostly a hack thing. But as people likely to say “And then shit happens”

S.M Entertainment confirmed.

You can guess that i was strolling all over the internet today. Freaking out, fire burning and ambulance alarm in my head.

At the end of the day, we can not change anything. What upsets me is she doesn’t get proper farewell.

So, i just want to do what i can -which is writing- for a little to respect her hardwork for all this time.

I used to be an anti of her. Even now, i’m not really a fan of her, if we’re talking about bias.

One thing i know, i love Girls’ Generation.

Other people asked why would i. They’re plastics, no talents. Others looking at fans as helpless delusionals.

Guess what? Screw others.

OT9 was a lie. I know that. Thank you for telling us “forever”, eventhough i know it never would be. Then why would i still stand for this group when i know it can’t be ‘always’?

It’s all about their hardwork.

There is a quote that i never forget from MC Lee Chang Myung,

It’s currently 9PM, but they say they have to go another schedule at 3AM. They say they went to a schedule at 4AM yesterday. I asked them “How do you maintain your stamina?” but even so their faces are bright. This is passion. That is something we have to learn.

To survive in the trainee life itself is difficult and could be depressing years. Jessica trained for 7 years until she can finally debut as a singer. She could give up but she did not.

(I’m being a dramaqueen right now)

I know all the nine members truly give me spirit by their inspiring careerlife.

I will never see SNSD as the same anymore with only 8 members. But your partnerbond will always be remembered.

Thank you, Jessica for your 7 years of training and 7 years of SNSD career.

Thank you, Jessica, for waking us up to the reality.

The reality that everyone could not have the happy ending from their own perspectives.

The same reality that you also showed us, your passion and hardwork.

Therefore, i believe that you know what’s best for yourself and choose to be happy and blessed.

Thank you.

For waking us up exactly when September ends.


Audrey Eunike

Copyright 2013 © by Audrey Eunike | admirenot

All rights reserved. 

Please don’t copy or re-posting without my permission.


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