Healthy Soul

“A, inilah jiwa yang sehat! Orang – orang yang dihantam badai dan diproses melalui berbagai masalah tapi dia tidak kalah terhadap satupun itu.”

“A, this is the healthy soul! Men who was hit by the storm and processed through a variety of problems but he did not lose for anything of it.”


So, this is my confession, i used to say “jiwa gue tuh gak sehat banget sih” which means “ugh, my soul is really sick”. Either it’s for joke or for real. Sometimes, i thought that everything that ever happened to me is not normal. Very not normal. Eventhough, i’m not even reach 17 years old.

Well, actually that probably only my ask-for-your-pity statement.

Yes, who said that problems can only get into the life of person above 17 years old , right?

But it is always running in my mind that people, the same age person like me will not encounter all of these.

Guess what? Indeed.

There will be no one ever in this world could feel what you feel in your life. They are not you, you are not them and never will be. Let’s stop begging another people for understand what we have been through. Even if someone said that he or she felt the same, no, they are not. They only placed themselves in the mind structure, try to create the situation that you may have entered.

That’s why we are the only one who could control our responses towards the past. It was my mistake to keep telling myself that my soul such an ill. What i did actually is the one that ruined my own standing to be alive.

Last night, Mom and i talked about some stuffs regarding the future. She told me to do a lot of things: increase my skills in many sides. She strengthened me, as always.

“Drey..,” “This. is. the healthy soul,” she said while emphasised each word slowly. “Men who was hit by the storm and processed through a variety of problems but he did not lose for anything of it.” she continued with clear and loud voice.

Dang! This is what i need to hear!

People think that the concept of healthy soul is don’t get a lot of troubles. Keep living happily until you die. But, that is wrong.

It can only be healthy if you use it, if you clean it, if you work for it. Just like your brain. How to take care and mantain your brain? Do you not using it with purpose to make your brain healthy? NO, that’s even will make your brain broken. You die.

So, let’s create the healthy soul of us! Be strong than yourself in the past. Take care of it, clean it, repair it and fill it with the positive things!

Copyright 2013 © by Audrey Eunike | admirenot

All rights reserved. 

Please don’t copy or re-posting without my permission .

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