Complete [PARACHUTE Band]

Parachute Band complete

A new good song!

So i myself just know this song “COMPLETE” by Parachute Band. I didn’t know that group at first, and kind a surprise because ‘Parachute’ doesn’t feel like gospel name or something. Isn’t it?

So, after surfing some sites..

PARACHUTE Band, a band from Auckland, New Zealand which is formed on 1995 (omg i even wasn’t on earth yet). And finally i know the reason behind the name because they are produced from “Parachute Music” company.

Their history is a little bit complicated because the members keep replaced.

The original members stayed until 2006, they did this “Complete” song. The 2nd gen serviced from 2007 until 2009. Then the 3rd gen work for this band from 2010 until the frontman or main vocalist, Omega has decided to finish for his new marriage life.

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the song is very good and flowing your tears hahaha

It’s feel normal when he started to sing but it’s really a deep feeling when this part on

“I look to You, Lord. Your love that never ends, restores me again”

So, i took a glance from these words. We as human has limit strength, we often could not handle everything around us and it makes us seek something. Something that can make us free, become a new human and live this kind of life again. And God does. If we look to Him, we seek for Him, we know that His lover never stop. We can feel it every second that his bless and love fullfill our need and our tired soul.

And the more i listen to it, the more i like everytime the singer sing the reffrain with some adlibs.

So guys, maybe you can check it out the track below here!

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