A Baby

“I can do everything through him who gives me strength.”

– Philippians 4:13 –

I am crying now. I am crying for a baby. Not even my child or even my sibling’s child. Today this baby ended her 2 months life. Do you know why am i crying right now? Because i see many things before she was born past then. I saw her mom suffer. I listen the fight between her parents’s family. How can it be? So the parents are married by ‘accident’ and so go on. It’s quite long story. And unfortunately, i could not go to the funeral because i was in college this afternoon. I saw the pictures from the camera and i can not hold my tears when the family kiss her for the last time. I am not really close with the parents but we are in the same age. We are 16 years old. But i always see her mother put a smile on her face. I know everything is not as good as she smiles. Her father also ever blame her because she kept smiling when other people were going crazy for this problem. She said, “then should i put an angry face and got depressed? i got nothing to do beside smile with myself.” Everytime i met her, i always greet her and try to not look pitying her. She always smile and smile since she was pregnant. Although i see a deep burden inside her eyes. So, from her, i learn new thing. People often fake smiles when they have problems. Some people put on smile when they have problems. Smile and fake smile is different. There is no wrong to keep smile even people doesn’t know what you’ve been through till now.

Because when you smile that does not mean you fake your smile, but you know and understand that you are strong enough to keep smile over the chaos of life.

Copyright 2012 © by Audrey Eunike | notadmire

All rights reserved. 

Please don’t copy or re-posting without my permission .

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